Urban Beer Hunt



Teams set out on foot in search of locations and tasks. During this crazy adventure, each team will be challenged with completing specific tasks and recovering select items. Beware, Beer Checkpoints exist.

Players stick together as they navigate the city on foot, deciphering clues, solving puzzles and racing to finish first..


It all ends with an awards ceremony at a local pub with food and drink specials available.









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          CASH PRIZES
Beer Hunt Champion Team $500
Second Place Team $100
Third Place Team $  50
4th-10th Place Teams BEER*
Best Team Costume #1 $  50
Best Team Costume #2
$  50



Players will not meet up at a pre determined location, instead, teams will need to find a strategic place within the Boundary Map area to start from.

It's all part of the crazy fun. Just be sure to

pre-register your cell phone and be ready to start receiving your first set of clues at noon.

After the hunt, everyone will gather at a local pub to congratulate the winners and

award the prizes.


Items To Bring

A Digital Camera

$5 Cash Per Player for special tasks.

Internet Connected Device and/or have " phone-a-friends" standing by to google for you.

A smart phone works well for your teams internet connected device, gps and digital camera.

Bring your I.D. - Must be 21 or older.

More Details

Teams must consist of between 2-6 players.

Teams will need to take photos at all locations.

Travel by foot, bus, or city train.

Players stay together at all times.

Teams need to register one cell phone to participate.

Teams will want to strategize where best to start from within the Boundary map, it's really anyones guess. Making it just that much more crazy.

Teams may not bring an additional person to help them,

or to take photos or to observe.

Players must be 21 or older.

I.D Required. for all players.

Hunt goes on rain or shine. Sorry No Refunds.



Location: Houston: See Boundary Map
Meetup: Find a place to start from within the Boundary map. No meet up location.
Date: Being Rescheduled.
Start Time: Noon - Via text message.

No Sign In Required. -Boundary Map

Be ready to go at noon - use Boundary map to suggest a good starting point.

Race Duration: 2-3 Hours
Distance: A few miles 4-6
Team Size 2-6 Players per team
Transportation: Your Feet or you can utilize a city bus.

$5 per player for a special task, Digital Camera and an Internet Connected Device or use your phone-a-friends to help google answers.


* Some cities/states do not allow beer as prizes. In such cases, an alternate prize will be awarded for the 4-10th place winners.